Green Snail Shell Zuni Eagle Fetish by Darren Boone

Product Description

Carved entirely from Snail Shell, this Zuni Eagle Fetish is a stunning, unique piece. Raw edges of shell and marble coloring add intrigue to this unique carving.

To the Zuni, the Eagle is teacher, creator and loyal intuitive. Since it has power to freely survey the land from skies high above, it is an intermediary between humans and the great divine. Its celestial affiliation is often expressed in carvings that use white, iridescent or multi- colored stones.

Darren Boone is known for his experimental style, including exploration of lesser- known Zuni Fetish subjects (for example the Duck) and unique, rare materials.


Hallmark: D Boone Zuni.

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Darren Boone
3" H X 2 2/3" L X 1 1/2" W
$ 105
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