Zuni Fetishes
What is a fetish? We'll save the slightly off-color 'birds and the bees' conversation for another day.  In this context, the word fetish refers to a small charm or talisman carved by hand from various materials such as stone, mineral, wood, bone, antler or fossil.  Fetishes have existed in one form or another all over the world in various ancient cultures since before the beginning of time. The existence of fetishes today is reserved primarily as an expression of tribal art and beauty rather than serving the practical yet superstitious role they have in the past.  

Today, the Zuni Tribe of northern New Mexico remains the primary producer of fetish carvings in Native American culture.  These small fetish carvings have been believed by the Zuni Tribe to hold protective and/or healing powers and specific animals were also known to provide luck in hunting game.  Zuni fetishes can be thought of as objects holding a spiritual significance that can provide supernatural support if treated by the owner with the necessary respect.  Owners or Zuni fetishes range from enthusiastic collectors who admire these small carvings as breathtaking works or art to those seeking the special powers believed to be held within.  Whatever your intended purpose, one thing is for certain: it's easy to love and cherish these tiny native carvings.

We source every one of our fetishes directly from local carvers from our location in the Zuni Pueblo.  Your purchase directly supports local Zuni fetish carvers and helps to keep this artform alive!

Zuni Fetishes

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