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COVID-19 Updates

We will continue to process online orders.

Updated: May 5, 2020

We are open but limiting the people in the building, please knock to come in and you need a mask to enter, if you don't have one we have re-washable masks for $6.00. If you know people that cannot afford this please let us know, we can donate masks as well.


If there is border security let them know that you are coming to Turquoise Village, they should let you in, if they don't please call us at 505-782-5521. If you would like to leave orders for particular artists please email or phone message us.

E'lah'kwa (Thank you)

Our thoughts and prayers go out to you and yours!

A:Shiwi support your awesome Governor, Tribal Council, hospital, EMS, police, grocers and volunteer and donate to help those in need!!!

The late Gregory Hofmann founded Turquoise Village in 1978 as an expression of his love for Zuni culture, jewelry and traditional Native American art. Turquoise Village changed ownership to the Dodson family in October of 2019. Turquoise Village functions as a liaison between admirers of handmade Native American jewelry and crafts and the artists themselves. We are located directly on the Zuni reservation, and purchase all of our jewelry and craftworks directly from the artists.

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