Zuni Indian Shala'ko Print of a Painting By Duane Dishta

Product Description

The late Duane Dishta is an award winning, published Zuni artist, best known for his acrylics with vivid colors, depth and movement in each design. His painting style is highly refined and his figures realistic.

This is a unique opportunity to purchase a signed and numbered limited edition (1- 1200) print by Dishta. 

The print depicts a Shala'ko house, which is an integral part of the very important Shala'ko ceremony held each year in early December. The Shala'ko is the courier of the Gods and brings corn, seeds, and fruit to the Zuni by blessing newly built houses. 

A viewer of this print is fascinated by the amount of detail available to interpret. The featured room is full with ordinary people and Zuni Kachinas as well as fixtures and furniture. The foreground of the print is more concentrated in colour, giving contrast to the muted background of the picture.

This is a captivating print by a Zuni legend and would provide a unique and inspiring addition to any home. To hang this picture is to bless your own walls, in kind, a homage to the ritual and culture of the Zuni Pueblo. 

19" tall 18" wide.

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