Hopi Overlay Man in the Maze Cuff Bracelet by Ben Mansfield

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The Man in the Maze symbol on this Bracelet is an unusual and fascinating motif. Ben Mansfield not only creates a piece of Beauty and masterful craftsmanship, but one that intrigues and inspires introspection.

A small figure is poised to enter a large, circular maze. The meaning of this is open to personal interpretation but no doubt references the hard work and scrutiny that is involved in our emotional, intellectual and moral decisions.

Aesthetically, Mansfield creates a stunning piece. The broad cuff of the Bracelet is polished to a satin finish and the circular design of the symbol is interesting and positive to the eye. The meaning implicit in the pattern is also crucial to Mansfield's design: how does it make you feel? What do you take from this?

Whatever your individual interpretation; the wearer should take solace in the poignant message of the Bracelet; that we all face difficult decisions and that the navigational maze of our lives is one that we tackle head on.

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Ben Mansfield
5 1/2" End to End with 1" Opening (6 1/2" Total Circumference)
Large (Men's Small)
$ 450
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Benjamin Mansfield, son of Vernon Mansfield, is of the Strap Clan who hail from the Shungopavi Village. He learned silversmithing at a young age and has been producing Hopi design since 1983. Mansfield’s signature design is clean overlay, with the upper layer polished to a high shine. The Tawa (Sunface) is one of his favored designs and his hallmark is a distinctive Antelope Head.

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Wrist Size


X-Small 4 1/2" - 5" 4 3/4" - 5 1/4"
Small 5 1/8" - 5 1/2" 5 3/8" - 5 3/4"
Medium 5 5/8" - 6"  5 7/8" - 6 1/4"
Large (Men's Small) 6 1/8" - 6 1/2" 6 3/8" - 6 3/4"
X-Large (Men's Medium) 6 5/8" - 7" 6 7/8" - 7 1/4"
XX-Large (Men's Large) 7 1/8" - 7 1/2" 7 3/8" - 7 3/4"
XXX-Large (Men's X-Large) 7 5/8" - 8" 7 7/8" - 8 1/4"

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