Derrick Kaamasee is a Zuni Carver who has been practicing since the late 1980’s. He is known for the fine detail in his work and favor of animals and birds. He often carves double-headed reptiles, which have a sacred significance for the Zuni carvers.
Derrick started carving fetishes as a teenager, working with his uncle. "My first fetish, carved out of green snail shell, was a fish jumping out of the water," says Derrick. "It took a while before I became used to the materials and they began to speak to me." Unlike some carvers, Derrick allows the shape of the raw material to lead the form/ design of the carving. He works in Fossil Walrus Ivory, Fourite, Ricolite and Serpentine, but Amber, Picasso Marble, Pipestone and Antler are his favorite mediums.

Derrick Kaamasee

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