Zuni Seed Pot with Butterfly by Tony Lorenzo

Product Description

Pueblo Pottery often reflects the Zuni reverence for everything that sustains their lives and today's Seed Pots are a definitive example of this. In the past, Zuni Seed Pots were designed to store and protect seeds. Now, they have less of a utilitarian function and are solely ornamental. The Seed Pots construction and decoration are designed to preserve Zuni culture and values. This pot is formed from clay and features a delightful Butterfly applique to the front. The Butterfly antennae are disparate from the body and painted across the pot to connect these two parts together. An abstract, hand-painted design across the back of the piece is a thoughtful addition.

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Tony Lorenzo
3 1/2" H X 3 1/2" L X 3 1/2" W
$ 60
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