Zuni Red Coral Snake Eye Earrings by Darlene Weebothee

Product Description

Here is a classic pair of Darlene Weebothee earrings. Darlene's cluster work and silverwork are absolutely flawless. Each earring has 18 perfectly hand-shaped pieces of Red Coral which are set into a Sterling Silver twisted rope bezel.  

This particular cluster work pattern is known as Snake Eye. The Zuni are well known for their cluster work Jewelry where stones are cut and shaped into small pieces and then set into silver bezels to form beautiful patterns. 

Darlene Weebothee was taught jewelry making by her very talented parents Mary and Lee Weebothee. Both her parents had mastered their cluster work techniques and have clearly passed their talents down to their daughter.

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Darlene Weebothee
3/4" Diameter
$ 150
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