Zuni Greasy Boy Kachina by Tiffany Tsabetsaye

Product Description

A tall, slim Zuni Kachina doll, hand carved from Cottonwood Root by renowned carver Tiffany Tsabetsaye, son of famous jeweler Edit Tsabetsaye.

Kachina Dolls are typically given as a gift to children and are thought to represent spirits that will teach and guide the child into adulthood. The best artists use small detail and color to give their carvings a unique presence. In this piece, it is the rattle that the Greasy Boy grasps, as his hand just emerges from his cloak, which gives this doll his personality of security and modesty.

Additionally, the natural tone of the main body is interjected by vibrant jewel green details, which add a subtle richness to the Kachina; Again a certain unassuming modesty prevails.

This is the Kachina for anybody, young or old, who values humility, courtesy and respect.

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Tiffany Tsabetsaye
9 3/4" H
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