Zuni Inlay Sunface Bracelet by Cindy Romancito

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A beautiful, delicate Bracelet with a Zuni Sunface Bonnet, handcrafted by Zuni artist Cindy Romancito using the Zuni technique of Channel Inlay. Channel inlay is an art of perfection, which involves cutting stones to lay directly side by side, similar to a mosaic pattern.

Romancito stays true to the classic Zuni depiction of the Sunface surface by using the traditional stones: Turquoise, Mother of Pearl, Red Coral and Jet. Turquoise is believed to be a spiritual stone of oneness and unity with self as well as the spiritual and physical realms. Mother of Pearl represents imagination, intuition, and sensitivity. Red Coral is considered protective and soothing, and Black Jet (fossilized wood) is associated with stability and protection.

The Zuni Sunface is the way that the Zuni incorporate their respect for the sun into jewelry and art. The Sun also symbolises abundance, positive energy, hope, peace and warmth.

As per the traditional style, Romancito carves the Sunface into a circular motif. The central inlay represents the face of the Sun. The forehead splits between Red Coral and Turquoise and this represents a person's identity as an individual and as part of their family.

The lower part of the Sunface contains rectangular eyes and a round mouth that symbolizes the continuity of life as well as sunrise and sunset.

The person who wears this Bracelet is one who revels in the joy and abundance of life, as well as the value of tradition and storytelling. The history of the Zuni Sunface (meaning and composition) is too interesting and thought-provoking not to share.

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Cindy Romancito
5" End to End with 1" Opening (6" Total Circumference)
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