Zuni Cornmeal Bowl with Dragonflies by Agnes Peynetsa

Product Description

This Zuni Cornmeal Bowl by Agnes Peynetsa is pleasing in its smooth symmetry. Zuni Cornmeal Bowls traditionally have a handle and a stepped-edge form. Water symbols of Dragonflies and Tadpoles are often seen on ceremonial pieces and Peynetsa here paints Dragonflies on the exterior and Tadpoles on the interior. Peynetsa is most known for her pottery and she is proud to dig her own clay locally and forms the pot completely by hand. She also grinds her own slip for the decoration and makes her own paint, making her a true artist of the land.

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Agnes Peynetsa
4 3/4" H X 4 3/4" L X 4 3/4" W
$ 150
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