Zuni Cornmeal Bowl with Deer and Bird Design by Deldrick Cellicion

Product Description

Deldrick Cellicion has won numerous awards for innovative designs in pottery. This Zuni Cornmeal Bowl with Deer and Bird Design is suitably unique and the slight shallowness of the bowl contrasts with the thick, sculptural curve of the Bowl Handle. An amusing Deer illustration is the focal point of the piece, with a traditional Zuni Heartline represented in the most modern sense. The Deer's tail meets a Dragonfly, and the two beings, despite their differences, have an easy, Earthly kinship. The base of the bowl is different in texture and shade and painted with sweeping Bird imagery. Dimensions: 3.5'' H x 4.625'' L x 4.625'' W.

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Deldrick Cellicion
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