Zuni Butterfly Maiden Pot by Jerrold Lahaleon

Product Description

The Butterfly Maiden is one of the Zuni most popular symbols. Many North American tribes regard the butterfly as a special symbol and the Butterfly Maidens spirit encapsulates renewal, joy, abundance, fertility and springtime. This Butterfly Maiden Pot by Jerrold Lahaleon has a bold hand-painted pattern with striking black outlines. The Maiden reaches for the Butterfly out toward the Butterfly as if to grasp its fleeting spirit. While the Maiden's hand meets the Butterfly wing, the Butterfly antennae meet the Maiden headdress, suggesting a cyclic unity between the two. 

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Jerrold Lahaleon
2 7/8" H X 4 1/4" L X 4 1/4" W
$ 60
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