Wild Horse Zuni Medicine Bear Fetish by Ronnie Lunasee

Product Description

This charming Zuni Bear Fetish was carved by the hand of esteemed Zuni artist Ronnie Lunasee. Carved from a form of magnetite known as Wild Horse, this fetish features a breathtaking pigmented brown stone concentrated across the bear's back fading into a marbled effect at his feet. The bear represents the western direction in a protective and healing fetish set and is known for his curative, healing powers. Zuni belief maintains that holding fetishes in our hands or placing them before us as we pray or meditate brings us more in line with their spirit. And it is through this alignment with Spirit that we experience the fetish's greatest power - in this case, the healing properties of the Bear. Dimensions: 1.625" (H) x 2.125" (L) x 0.625" (W)

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Ronnie Lunasee
1" H X 2 1/2" L X 3/4" W
$ 45
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