White Marble Zuni Moutain Lion Fetish by Jayne Quam

Product Description

This stunning White Marble Zuni Eagle Fetish exudes power. The stark white is cut only by the Turquoise inlaid eyes and the Turquoise and Heishi prayer bundle. Everything, from the Mountain Lion's Stance to the pure White Color of his Body, makes this a Fierce and Eye Catching piece.

The Zuni believe the Mountain Lion to be the Guardian of The North. Because of its reclusive nature, the Mountain Lion represents independence and freedom. Although a leader, the Mountain Lion will not force anyone to follow him.

Many Zuni Fetish animals can appear similar, however, as your eye becomes more keen you'll pick up on the very minute details that differentiate them. In the case of this particular fetish, the distinguishing feature of a Mountain Lion (as opposed to a Wolf or a bear) is its upward facing tail.

Jayne Quam, the Zuni Artist who carved this beautiful Mountain Lion, is well known for her Fetish Carvings. She learned to Carve from Her husband Lynn Quam and his well-known mother Annie Quam. Jayne's unique and creative spirit comes through in all of her work.

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Jayne Quam
1 1/2" H X 4 1/4" L X 3/4" W
$ 90
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