Turquoise Zuni Mountain Lion Fetish by Andres Quandelacy

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This Turquoise Mountain Lion Fetish is hand carved by Zuni artist Andres Quandelacy. Carved entirely from a beautiful, lightly marbled Turquoise the Mountain Lion has a Red Coral inlaid heartline and red coral inlaid eyes. 

The Mountain Lion is one of the most powerful of all the Zuni fetishes. Being the Protector of the North, the Mountain Lion is believed to protect all other Zuni hunting fetishes. The heartline, a symbol that is commonly seen in Zuni fetishes, represents the life force of the animal. Running from the mouth to the middle of the body, the heart line symbolizes breath. It is a very powerful symbol not only in Zuni culture but it many Native American cultures. 

Andres Quandelacy comes from a large family of Zuni fetish carvers. He one of the premier artists within his family. He is known for being extremely dedicated to his craft and is especially famous for his Mountain Lion fetishes.

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Andres Quandelacy
1" H X 2 1/4" L X 3/8" W
$ 165
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