Turquoise Zuni Corn Maiden with Bear Fetish by Florentino Martinez

Product Description

According to tradition, Corn Maidens were created as guides for the people of the Earth. People were not always able to safely differentiate the many plants and animals so the Corn Maidens were sent to give each clan a single seed of corn that, if properly cared for, would feed them. Zuni Bears, meanwhile, are linked to traditional medicine because their foraging nature, implying a natural knowledge of herbal medicine. Together the Bear and Corn Maiden of Florentino Martinez intricately carved Fetish symbolize the generosity of the Earth's guardians to nourish and susta" Florentino is renowned for precise, detailed carvings and this piece, made entirely from one piece of turquoise, is no exception. Dimensions: 2.125'' H x 1.75'' L x 1'' W.

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Florentino Martinez
2 1/8" H X 1 3/4" L X 1" W
$ 600
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