Navajo Turquoise Nugget Cross Pendant

Product Description

With a Sterling Silver main and seven Turquoise nugget stones, this beautiful Navajo Cross Pendant is a stunning addition to any jewelry collection. Where the Silver is polished to a high shine, the Turquoise features natural coloring, creating a high- quality yet organic finish. The broad width of the cross has curved rather than angular edges, adding to this natural effect.

Residing in Arizona and New Mexico, the Navajo are the second largest Southwestern tribe in the USA. Silversmithing is the predominant art form amongst the Navajo and has been practiced since the early 19th Century. A great quality of craftsmanship is evident in the etching throughout the perimeter of the Cross. Continuity of this in the adjoining top part of the Pendant further creates the professional, cohesive finish.


2 5/8" tall- 1 1/2" wide.

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2 5/8" H X 1 1/2" W
$ 135
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