Soapstone Zuni Horse Fetish by Hubert Pincion

Product Description

Here is a beautifully hand-carved Zuni horse fetish. It has been carved from Soapstone by Zuni artist Hubert Pincion. The marbled shades of pink and orange in the stone, add a lot of life to the horse. The finely etched mane and tail, along with the intricately inlaid Turquoise eyes, add the perfect finishing touches to this fine example of Zuni artistry. This piece will add lots of character to any home.

In Zuni culture, the horse represents swiftness and strength. It promotes enlightenment, freedom, and power. Something all of us can use more of. 

Hubert Pincion is a very well established Zuni fetish carver. He is probably most famous for being one of the only Zuni carvers to work completely by hand, using no electronic tools whatsoever. His specialty is carving horses. 




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Hubert Pincion
2" H X 2 1/4" L X 1/4" W
$ 54
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