Root Beer Onyx Zuni Mountain Lion Fetish by Leland Boone

Product Description

This stunning mountain lion fetish, made of Root Beer Onyx, was hand carved by Zuni artist Leland Boone. The simplistic nature of the carving is contrasted perfectly with the abundant detail within the stone. The prayer bundle consists of Pink Shell, Turquoise, and Coral, adding a nice pop of color to the black and white striped mountain lion.

The mountain represents leadership and resourcefulness. It is a hunting fetish as well as a healing and protective fetish. 

Leland Boone is a very well established Zuni artist. He has been carving fetishes for decades and works very closely with his wife Daphne Quam. To learn more about Leland Boone and Daphne Quam go to "The Village News" section of our website and read their "Features Artist Spotlight" article.

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Leland Boone
1 1/2" H X 2 1/4" L X 5/8" W
$ 54
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