Pink Shell Zuni Corn Maiden Fetish by Carl Etsate

Product Description

Zuni artist Carl Etsate has hand carved this beautiful corn maiden out of Pink Shell. The corn maiden is holding a bowl of corn made of Coral, Turquoise, and Jet. Carl Etsate spared no detail when carving this very special fetish.

The corn maiden appears in many Native American legends but she is an especially strong symbol to the Zuni people. She appears in all of the Zuni art forms and is greatly revered for her generosity and good fortune.  

Carl Etsate is known for his corn maidens as well as his expert use of various shells. The detail he brings to his work is uncomparable. Truly one of Zuni's finest artists.  

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Carl Etsate
3" H X 3/4" L X 1 1/4" W
$ 54
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