Pink Glass Zuni Bear Fetish by Leland Boone

Product Description

A kind Pink Glass Zuni Bear Fetish by Leland Boone. The Bear is unique in the position of the Zuni Prayer Bundle at the side of the Fetish rather than tied to the back, which gives the piece a quirky individuality. The smooth, translucency of the Pink Glass Bear paired with the shiny Mother of Pearl bundle is tranquil in overall appearance. The Zuni believe the Bear to be an ally when one is attempting to resolve conflict and forgive oneself or others for errors of the past. Leland uses placating use of colors to reflect this peaceful, worry-free spirit of the Zuni Bear. Dimensions: 1.25'' H x 2.5'' L x 1'' W.

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Leland Boone
1 1/4" H X 2 1/2" L X 1" W
$ 54
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