Picture Jasper Zuni Eagle Fetish by Pete Natachu

Product Description

This Zuni Eagle Fetish by Pete Natachu is crafted from Picture Jasper. The simple use of form and color is bold and vibrant. The bird wing in particular features simple use of inlaid Turquoise, Mother of Pearl and Jet to create an intriguing, eye-catching pattern. The intense black of the Jet beak lends the bird a powerful, quick witted sentiment. Because of its ability to freely survey the land from the skies above, the Zuni Eagle is considered an intermediary between humans and the great divine. This celestial affiliation is often expressed in carvings that use iridescent and multi-colored stones. Dimensions: 1'' H x 3'' L x 0.5'' W.

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Pete Natachu
2 1/4" H X 2 3/4" L X 5/8" W
$ 45
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