Picasso Marble Zuni Bobcat Fetish by Wilfred Cheama

Product Description

This animated Zuni Bobcat Fetish by Wilfred Cheama is an engaging piece that holds your gaze and captures your imagination. Picasso Marble is identifiable by its striking and dramatic combination of browns, blacks, grays and white colors. The nature of the stone is used here to fascinating effect by Cheama- see how the shade darkens to draw your eye down. This pull highlights the dynamic movement and energy of the Bobcat. As the color of the Bobcat meets that of the stone, you sense the animal's strong connection to his environment and the Earth. Cheama carefully carves and etches the stone to a perfect finish showcasing talented and passionate craftsmanship. Dimensions: 2.25'' H x 1.875'' L.

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Wilfred Cheama
2 1/4" H X 1 7/8" L X" W
$ 180
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