Picasso Marble Zuni Bear Family Fetish by Kimberly Kallestewa

Product Description

An adorable Zuni Bear Family Fetish is carved by Kimberly Kallestewa from Picasso Marble. The smaller Baby Bear is bundled atop its parent and both their Turquoise tipped noses angle toward the sky. This symmetry of posture reflects the likeness and kinship intrinsic to the closeness of family. Picasso Marble is polished to a wonderful shine and the Baby Bear is marked by some lightening of color on its back, a poignant detail which lends a youthful innocence to the child. Dimensions: 1.625'' H x 1.5'' L x 0.75'' W.

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Kimberly Kallestewa
1 1/4" H X 2 1/2" L X 1" W
$ 45
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