Picasso Marble & Banded Onyx Zuni Sea Turtle Fetish by Michael Laweka

Product Description

To the Native American peoples of the Southwest, the turtle represents precious water and is highly revered because of this. Particularly in the southwest Turtles are popular fetish figures especially because of the scarcity of water. In certain Navajo ceremonies, medicines must be dispensed from a turtle shell or an abalone shell €‚ no other container will suffice. This charming turtle, by Zuni craftsman Michael Laweka is made from Picasso Marble, Banded Onyx, Shell. The glossed appearance of these stones reflects its closeness to water and providence through water. Equally, the slightly rough texture of the shell in particular maintains a crucial element of perseverance and protection to the turtle fetish. Dimensions: 0.5" (H) x 1.875" (L) x 1.5" (W)

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Michael Laweka
1/2" H X 1 7/8" L X 1 1/2" W
$ 39
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