Onyx Zuni Yorkie Fetish by Felicia Martin

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An Onyx Yorkie Zuni fetish by artist Felicia Mart" Dogs make up part of the contemporary subject repertoire Zuni Carvers and are an interesting indication of the journey of the Zuni Fetish. Where traditional Fetish has intrinsic and medicinal purposes, the modern extension refers more loosely to the qualities of a particular animal, Fetishes may be used to discover, enhance, or simply remember a connection with nature. Here, translucent Onyx replicates the pale fur of the Yorkie and small features, a jet black button nose, reflect the delightful appeal of the pet. Dimensions: 0.875'' H x 1.75'' L x 0.875'' W.

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Felicia Martin
7/8" H X 1 3/4" L X 7/8" W
$ 39
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