Onyx Zuni Bear Fetish by Loubert and Rosella Soseeah

Product Description

This Zuni Bear Fetish, by Carvers Loubert and Rosella Soseeah, is carved from a deep Golden-Brown Onyx. His small Turquoise eyes contrast beautifully with his marbled brown coat.

To the Zuni, the Bear is one of the strongest fetishes. He is the guardian of the West and is known for his Healing Powers.

Loubert and Rosella Soseeah have been carving fetishes for many years and do all of their work together. Each of their pieces holds not only the power of the animal but also the power of their love and artistic cooperation.


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Loubert And Rosella Soseeah
1/2" H X 1 5/8" L X 1" W
$ 36
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