Zuni Morning Kachina by Jerome Naquatewa

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A tall, proud Morning Kachina by Jerome Naquatewa. The craft of Kachina doll making today involves both heritage and artistry. These dolls have traditionally been carved from the roots of cottonwood trees which once were abundant on and near the Hopi lands. Today, however, carvers may travel hundreds of miles throughout the Southwest looking for this special material. Naquatewa"s Morning Kachina represents the Hopi Morning Singers, who used to appear in pairs on the rooftops and sing songs, waking the Hopi people in the village. During the day, they would dance with the other kachinas, whom they led and prompted in the singing. They bring joy and happiness to the people, as this piece brings joy and happiness to its owner. Dimensions: 8.75'' H x 1.75'' L x 1.75'' W.

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