Labradorite Zuni Bobcat Fetish by Rosella & Loubert Soseeah

Product Description

Rosella and Loubert Soseeah carved this Zuni Bobcat Fetish from Labradorite providing a unique contrast between pleasant purple color of the labradorite and the predatory nature of the Bobcat. This contrast is typical of Zuni Carving, where all Fetish motifs are held in high regard with complex and ever-developing meanings. Legend has it that the flattened face and tucked tail of the Bobcat references Zuni Bobcat folklore; the prankster coyote smashes the bobcat's nose and tail in while he sleeps When the Bobcat awakes and realizes this, he seeks revenge by pulling the nose of the sleeping coyote making it long and pointy and yanking the tail so long that it nearly drags the ground. Dimensions: 1'' H x 1.75'' L x 0.5'' W.

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Rosella & Loubert Soseeah
2 1/4" H X 2 3/4" L X 3/4" W
$ 45
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