Labradorite Zuni Bear Fetish by Rosella & Loubert Soseeah

Product Description

This Labradorite Zuni Bear Fetish by Rosella and Loubert Soseeah holds a uniquely calming quality due to its beautiful shade of purple and somber turquoise inlaid eyes. The bear nearly crouches, stationary, as if standing at attention, ready to guard and protect his owners home. The body of the Bear has a pleasing symmetry of form. Labradorite is widely considered to be the most powerful protector of its possessor, while the Zuni bear is a healing protector of the Earth and its people. Dimensions: 0.875'' H x 2'' L x 0.5'' W.

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Rosella & Loubert Soseeah
2 1/4" H X 2 3/4" L X 3/4" W
$ 45
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