Hopi Koshare Clown Kachina by Jerome Nequatewa

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This Hopi Koshare Clown Kachina by Jerome Nequatewa is simple and striking in design. A unique Sriped Headpiece and simple Neckpiece add decoration to the Cottonwood Root main, and a striped Headpiece is characteristic of the Hopi Clown. On the main body of the Clown, some of the Cottonwood Root remains exposed, adding a natural complement.

In the Hopi tradition, the Sacred Clown Kachina frequently disrupts and makes a holy mess out of some of the most vital and fundamental rituals.  The clown satirizes Hopi life by acting out and exaggerating improper behavior. Like the more serious Kachinas, but in a humorous way, the clown helps maintain community harmony by reminding the people of acceptable standards of behavior within the Hopi community.

Many of Jerome Nequatewa’s pieces feature a section of the raw, natural material- such as the exposed Cottonwood in this piece. This reflect Nequatewa’s affinity with the Earth and its provision. Indeed, being half- Zuni/ half- Hopi, Nequatewa has a strong calling to both Pueblo traditions and spirituality.

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Jerome Nequatewa
8 1/4" H X 1 1/2" L X 1 3/4" W
$ 90
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