Hopi Beaded Kachina

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This vibrant, bold Kachina by Ferell Zena uses strong colour and shape to convey a proud and powerful personality. Although minute, the figure radiates confidence, tenacity and heart.

The Hopi are Arizona's oldest permanent residents; a peaceful tribe that settled on ancestral lands overlooking northern Arizona more than one thousand years ago. Ornamentation has played an integral role in the Hopi's culture and history.

The Hopi Artworks available today is a merging of modern technique and ancient cultural symbolism. The meaning of the Kachina varies within Hopi culture: some believe it is a supernatural creature that provides rain, while others view the doll-like figure as a liaison between man and the gods.

Signed Ferell. 2" wide- 1 1/8" deep- 3 7/8" tall.

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