Honey Onyx Zuni Coyote Fetish by Michael Mahooty

Product Description

This marvelous Zuni coyote fetish was masterfully carved by the hand of Michael Mahooty and showcases his delicately subtle attention to detail. Carved from Honey Onyx, which is known for its healing properties, the coyote is banded with light hues of gold and orange. 

The Zuni Coyote is well known as a trickster, but coyote's trickery contains innate cleverness and wisdom. 

The Coyote looks upward to the sky; a notable reminder of the wider world and our Earthly potential.

Michael Mahooty carves many Zuni Fetishes but he reveres the Wolf in particular. He is known for his choice of material- often iridescent, translucent stone- and subsequent appreciation of both the aesthetic and intrinsic value of his pieces. 

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Michael Mahooty
2 3/4" H X 1 3/4" L X 1/2" W
$ 39
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