Honey Onyx Zuni Bear Fetish by Michael Mahooty

Product Description

Here is a stunning bear fetish is hand-carved from Honey Onyx by Zuni artist Michael Mahooty.  The beautiful light color of the bear is contrasted wonderfully with the dark prayer bundle creating a nice, yin-yang balance. The intricately inlaid Turquoise eyes add a pop of color.

The bear fetish is a protective and healing fetish. Though all bear fetishes have healing properties, a white bear fetish is especially powerful. 

Michael Mahooty comes from a long line of esteemed Zuni fetish carvers. His style is simplistic and his focus tends to be on accentuating the animal which is already in the stone itself. 

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Michael Mahooty
1 7/8" H X 3" L X 1 1/8" W
$ 45
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