Hand Carved Fish Rock Zuni Bear Fetish by Terrence Martza

Product Description

This Zuni bear fetish is carved in a traditonal style by Terrance Martza from a particular brand of serpentine referred to within the Zuni tribe as 'Fish Rock'. This artfully executed peice features tons of lovely notable detail, from the banded onyx and red coral fetish bundle delicately arranged at the crest of the bear's back to the turquoise and red coral crumble-filled pots sitting on either side. Notice how the band used to secure the fetish bundle to the back of this bear fetish runs through the back sides of the pots meaning Terrance had to patiently channel through the serpentine to acheive this. This bear fetish additonally features a inlaid turquoise snake-eyes arranged to acheive a beautiful heartline along the bear's right side.

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