Green Snail Zuni Frog with Dragonfly Fetish by Andrew Quam

Product Description

This unique carving by Zuni artist Andrew Quam is a wonderfully abstract Frog and Dragonfly. Andrew carved this piece from Green Snail Shell and did a wonderful job of incorporating the beautiful natural swirls and curves that are found naturally in this material. The Green Snail Shell is a vibrant natural material with a wealth of colors running throughout. The opening of the shell is delicate, a striking reminders of its natural status and the Frog sits atop a rounded stone and is adorned with Turquoise 'snake-eyes' throughout his back. A Dragonfly is seen flying horizontally directly in front of the frogs gaping mouth trying desperately to escape it's fate. Dimensions: 1.875'' H x 1.875'' L x 0.75'' W.

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Andrew Quam
1 7/8" H X 1 7/8" L X 3/4" W
$ 90
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