Green Serpentine Zuni Howling Coyote Fetish by Michael Mahooty

Product Description

This beautiful howling coyote is hand carved from Green Serpentine by the famed Zuni artist Michael Mahooty. The Zuni Coyote is well known as a trickster, but coyote's trickery contains innate cleverness and wisdom. Michael Mahooty uses Green Serpentine and Turquoise to reflect these contrasts in the Coyote nature. Identifiable by its striking and dramatic combination of greens, blacks, and gray colors, each Serpentine piece is different- as is the adaptable, diverse personality of the Coyote. The Coyote looks upward to the sky; a notable reminder of the wider world and our Earthly potential.

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Michael Mahooty
2 1/4" H X 1 1/4" L X 1/2" W
$ 36
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