Green Serpentine Zuni Horse Fetish by Michael Mahooty

Product Description

A sturdy Horse Fetish by Zuni Carver Michael Mahooty. The deep green and black shade of the Green Serpentine in the body resemble the thick shine of a horse's fur. Mahooty carves with a smooth, flowing form to create a soft, friendly figure. The Zuni Horse Fetish is one of the only two Zuni Fetish that have innate healing powers and this gently shaped, conceptual Horse embodies this steadfast figure of health.

Michael Mahooty comes from a long line of esteemed Zuni fetish carvers. His style is simplistic and his focus tends to be on accentuating the animal which is already in the stone itself. 



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Michael Mahooty
1 1/2" H X 2 3/8" L X 3/4" W
$ 36
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