Green Serpentine and Apple Coral Zuni Lady Bug Fetish by Georgette Quam

Product Description

Green Serpentine and Apple Coral are fitting choices for this unique Lady Bug Zuni Fetish by Georgette Quam. Renowned for delightful Lady Bug carvings, Quam here sits a miniature Lady Bug atop a carefully shaped Green Serpentine leaf. Quams' designs are characterized by a strong sense of realism, with colors, stone and scale bearing a concise likeness to their image in reality. Insects are a non-traditional fetish subject matter and a figure most used as a decorative motif. Indeed, Quam's cheerful composition reflect this contemporary, charming emphasis. Dimensions: 1.75'' H x 0.5'' L x 1'' W.

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Georgette Quam
1/2" H X 2" L X 1" W
$ 45
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