Glass Slag Zuni Horse Fetish by Leland Boone

Product Description

A tranquil Zuni Horse Fetish Carving by artist Leland Boone. Smooth, Glass Slag throughout is naturally calming with strong blue lines and organic brown tones. The linear nature of the fine blue detail injects a sense of individuality and poise to this piece.

To the Zuni, the worship of animals is looked upon as a way to relate and connect to the higher more mysterious and remote powers.  The Zuni fetishes are carved to represent the animals which the Zuni people view as "mediators" between themselves and a higher power. The Zuni Horse Fetish Carving is one of the only two fetishes that have innate healing powers.

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Leland Boone
1 3/4" H X 3" L X 1/2" W
$ 54
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