Glass Slag Zuni Badger Fetish by Leland Boone

Product Description

This Zuni Badger by Leland Boone is a dramatic, stunning Fetish Carving. Crafted from Glass Slag, this piece is truly original in its vibrancy and range of color. Rich Jade Green is injected with Turquoise, Brown, Mint and Amber Shades. The colorful energy creates further impact with a contrasting Red Coral Prayer Bundle.

As a result of its ambiguous form and unique color, Boone’s Badger remains somewhat Abstract; a loose, creative interpretation of the usual Zuni Fetish style. To the Zuni, the Badger is the Protector of the South.

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Leland Boone
7/8" H X 2 1/2" L x 1 1/4" W
$ 39
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