Fluorite Zuni Seal Fetish by Eddington Hannaweeke

Product Description

This beautiful seal fetish, made by Zuni artist Eddington Hannaweeke is hand carved from Fluorite. Though seals are an uncommon subject matter for Zuni carvers, the playfulness of seals perfectly mirrors the playful, lighthearted nature of the Zuni people.

Fluorite, aside from being a very beautiful stone, is also thought to be a very powerful stone. It is said to promote spiritual wholeness and development. It is also believed to aid in meditation by quieting the mind from internal chatter. 

Eddington Hannaweeke has been carving fetishes for decades. His style is  unique and often has an air of humor and playfulness

Item Number:
Eddington Hannaweeke
1 3/4" H X 1 3/4" L X 7/8" W
$ 66
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