Fish Rock Zuni Corn Maidens Fetish by Terrance Martza

Product Description

A quintuplet of Fish Rock Zuni Corn Maidens by Terrance Martza are beautifully decorated with colorful Coral, Turquoise and Black Jet. The form of the carving is simple, with much of the design and pattern created by smooth strikes in the stone. The Corn Maidens are wonderfully feminine, with decorative lips, necklaces and dresses. ¢¢€¬‚Seeds" scatter the maidens dress and the star design extending from these mark the Zuni reverence for corn as ¢¢€¬‚the symbol of life." The identical symmetry of the Corn Maidens adds to their aesthetic impact and suggests a harmony between them, which further instills Zuni trust in their wise ¢¢€¬‚Grandmothers of the Light." Dimensions: 2.25'' H x 1.375'' L x 0.875'' W.

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Terrance Martza
2 1/4" H X 2 3/4" L X 3/4" W
$ 90
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