Etched Black Marble Zuni Turtle Fetish by Dilbert Gasper

Product Description

This is an exquisite Black Marble Turtle Fetish by Dilbert Gasper which features the Zuni Technique of Graffito. Gasper’s glossy Turtle lies low to the ground, with an outstretched, flattened head and feet. The focal point of the piece is a fascinating concentric circle pattern etched across the Turtle Shell, which is also the broadest part of the carving. This Graffito is perfectly symmetrical and bursts out from a central inlaid sunface of Coral, Turquoise and Pearl.

The Turtle is an old, sacred figure in Native American symbolism and represents Mother Earth. To each tribe, the Turtle might depict something slightly different but with a recurring theme of creation, protection and longevity.

Dilbert Gasper is known for mainly carving Turtles and Bears from Black Marble. He often adorns his fetish carvings with inlaid Zuni Sunface symbols and this is a stunning piece that is typical of his characteristic style.

Hallmark: Dilbert Gasper Zuni 2016.

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Dilbert Gasper
3/8" H X 3" L X 2" W
$ 75
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