Etched Black Marble Zuni Bear Fetish by Gerald Peina

Product Description

This Zuni Bear Fetish Carving has fabulously intricate etchings across the polished coat of the Bear, which add a wonderful twist to the traditional form and shape of the piece and emphasise the cultural significance of the Zuni Medicine Bear. Aesthetically, the etchings add wonder and mystery to the piece. The minute Turquoise stones across the Bear’s curved back add a simple dash of color.

Zuni Artist Gerald Peina is well recognised for his Black Marble and Onyx Carvings. Like many Zuni Medicine Bears, Peina’s figure has a smooth, curved back and a bowed head. However, the head of this Bear is distinctly low, as if not only bowed to the floor but moving slowly, curiously forward. In Zuni mythology, the Bear Fetish embodies change, transition, healing, and resolution. 

Hallmark: G Peina Zuni NM.

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Gerald Peina
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