Elk Antler Zuni Owl Fetish by Craig Haloo

Product Description

A charming Zuni Fetish crafted from Elk Antler by Owl Enthusiast, Craig Haloo. Antler has been used since prehistoric times for functional and decorative purposes and the steadfast longevity of this all- natural material is in keeping with the wisdom of the Owl. For the Zuni peoples, the Owl is the protector of the home. He represents wisdom and truth and has the ability to see what is beyond common sight. The widened eyes of Haloo's owl are distinct from traditional Zuni style and reflect this all-seeing nature of the bird. The back of the Owl features stunning attention to detail with careful carver of the bird wings which are at rest as the Owl contemplates and surveys. Dimensions: 2.75'' H x 2.25'' L x 1'' W.

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Craig Haloo
2 1/4" H X 4 1/8" L X 1" W
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