Elk Antler Zuni Crane Fetish by Ruben Najera

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Ruben Najera is the youngest nephew of the Laate clan of carvers and has developed a delicate, innovative style. Unlike most artists, Najera works exclusively Elk Antler and his major carving interest is birds. Najera"s works are highly sought after and he recently created a series of true-to-life sandhill Cranes for a New Mexico wildlife refuge. This Elk Antler Zuni Crane Fetish is exquisitely poised as is about to begin flight. The wing extends from the floor and appears so smooth you almost expect it to be able to gracefully sweep off. The reverse of the Fetish shows loving attention to detail in the careful fanning of the wings feathers. Finally, the friendly, joyful face of the Crane reflects its Zuni spirit as a motif of Good luck, peace-making and longevity. Dimensions: 1.75'' H x 1.5'' L x 1'' W.

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Ruben Najera
1 5/8" H X 1 1/8" L X 1 1/4" W
$ 66
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