Dolomite Zuni Frog Fetish by Debra Gasper

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Debra Gasper’s Frog Fetish is a particularly artistic realisation of the usual Zuni style. Gasper’s form and shape are loose and abstract. This piece is carved from a beautifully marbled Dolomite mineral. The white, tan, gray and pink shades are typical of this stone. Dolomite is renowned as one of the hardest materials to work- it requires laborious carving and intense polish to reach a shine.

Debra Gasper is from a family of Zuni greats. She is the daughter of Dinah Gasper, the granddaughter of Edna Leki and the great-granddaughter of Teddy Weahkee.

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Debra Gasper
1 1/4" H X 2" L X 1 3/8" W
$ 60
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Zuni carver Debra Gasper specializes in intricate and well- executed Fetish carvings. She works with a range of stones including Black Marble, Turquoise, Picasso Marble and Fluorite. Gasper often collaborates with her husband Ray Tsethlikai, and together they are known for free-standing fetishes and fetish necklaces made in her family's tradition of old-style fetish carving. While they have retained traditional forms, they have experimented with a wide range of new materials and often use silver dot inlay on their fetishes. Gasper heralds from the prolific Weahkee family, who are among the oldest carving families in Zuni. In fact, their origins predate history and the earliest recorded Weahkee carver was Teddy Weahkee who worked with noted Zuni dealer C.G. Wallace.
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