Dolomite Zuni Armadillo Fetish by Karen Zunie

Product Description

Zuni carver Karen Zunie, married and became the student of Lance Cheama- a prolific Zuni craftsman. From initially polishing his pieces, she developed her own carving style which demonstrates strong influences from Cheama- note the finely etched fur in this Armadillo. Since their unfortunate divorce, her pieces have become rarer and increasingly sought after. This Dolomite Armadillo fetish is natural in hue, with standout red eyes and an effective natural darkening in the stone. Traditionally, the armadillo has significance as the keeper of the home. The attributes of Armadillo gentle, quiet reserve, ability to live in a niche of their own, solitude are in harmony with the calming shade of this piece. Dimensions: 1.125'' H x 2.125'' L x 1'' W.

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Karen Zunie
1 1/8" H X 2 1/8" L X 1" W
$ 105
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